The ocean environment is challenging in every way. MMC can reduce your risks by analyzing your boat, ship, mooring system, energy converter… any system you need to deploy in the water. Renewable EnergyAnalyze wave, tidal and wind energy systems for loads, motions, cost Renewable EnergyAquacultureAnalyze and design systems for kelp, finfish and shellfish aquaculture AquacultureSeakeeping


Capabilities: Seakeeping / Motion AnalysisServices: Seakeeping and motion analyses for boats, ships and fixed platforms. Seakeeping Capabilities Mooring Design and AnalysisServices: Analyze complex mooring systems, predicting loads and motions, calculating fatigue lifetime. Designing complete mooring systems. Mooring Capabilities Aquaculture ServicesServices: Structural and dynamic motion analyses for new and existing finfish, shellfish and kelp aquaculture facilities.

About Maine Marine Composites

MMC specializes in motion prediction for ships and platforms, analyses of fluid/structural dynamics, and mooring system design and simulation. Our engineering staff has decades of experience with design and analysis of ships and offshore energy systems, and has successfully completed diverse and challenging projects for many of the most highly regarded offshore and ocean energy


Renewable EnergyWind, wave, tidal renewable energy Learn MoreAquacultureFinfish, shellfish, and kelp aquaculture systems Learn MoreSeakeeping/MotionSeakeeping, motion of ships and platforms Learn MoreMooring SystemsMooring design, analysis for ships, platforms Learn MoreOil & GasMotion/mooring/umbilical analyses Oil & GasSmall CraftMotion analysis of high-speed small craft Learn More


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