MMC specializes in motion prediction for ships and platforms, analyses of fluid/structural dynamics, and mooring system design and simulation. Our engineering staff has decades of experience with design and analysis of ships and offshore energy systems, and has successfully completed diverse and challenging projects for many of the most highly regarded offshore and ocean energy companies.

Sample Projects:

  • Maine – Mooring and seakeeping response – tidal and river current energy converters.
  • BSEE/BOEM – Fatigue analysis of offshore floating wind mooring systems
  • Scotland – Simulation and mooring system analysis for barge-transported road segments for Firth of Forth replacement crossing bridge

Specialized Services:

  • Advanced Hydrodynamics Analysis using CFD, ANSYS Aqwa
  • Finite Element Analyses of complex structures and materials
  • Mooring System Design and Analysis using OrcaFlex, Aqwa with Cable Dynamics
  • Ship and Barge Seakeeping and Stability Analysis using Aqwa
  • Analysis and Simulation of Complex Marine Systems using multi-body simulation in OrcaFlex

Meeting Customer Needs, Exceeding Customer Expectations

We offer each customer the right mix of expertise, performance and price. Our staff has expertise in marine, civil, electrical, software and aerospace engineering.

Our software analysis capabilities include:

  • ANSYS Design Modeler, Rhino3D, MultiSurf, SpaceClaim
    • CAD/CAE models of ocean platforms, hulls, wave and tidal energy converters
  • ANSYS-Aqwa with Cable Dynamics
    • Potential flow (Radiation/Diffraction) analyses
    • Determine wave loads, Response Amplitude Operators (RAOs)
  • Orcina OrcaFlex
    • Nonlinear finite element mooring model in time domain
    • Coupled with FAST to Analyze Floating Offshore Wind Turbines (FOWT) hydrodynamics including platform, turbine, moorings
  • ANSYS Structural Professional
    • FEA of complex structural systems
  • NREL FAST and WECsim
    • Simulation of Wave Energy Converters and controllers