Healy Wave Energy, LLC is developing a wave energy converter designed for reliability, safety, and economical power production for island and coastal communities. MMC developed a custom model that coupled the two-body hydrodynamics of the device with the pneumatics of the novel PTO. MMC also incorporated nonlinear, large-displacement mooring dynamics to evaluate the system’s response to extreme storms.

PDF The Healy Wave Energy Converter

Recent Projects

Research on mooring system fatigue for the U.S. Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement

Motion and load analysis for Ocean Renewable Power Company

Mooring design for University of Maine’s VolturnUS floating offshore wind project

Shallow water mooring design for the extreme waters of the Arctic Ocean

Acceleration and deck wetting analyses for Power Barge designed by Waller Marine Inc.

Raw-water pickup and hose analysis for ReelPower

Fatigue analysis for deck cargo on trans-Atlantic and Pacific routes

Cargo lashing projects

Crane motion-load analyses