Seakeeping / Motion AnalysisServices: Seakeeping and motion analyses for boats, ships and fixed platforms.PDF Seakeeping Capabilities
Mooring Design and AnalysisServices: Analyze complex mooring systems, predicting loads and motions, calculating fatigue lifetime. Designing complete mooring systems.PDF Mooring Capabilities
Aquaculture ServicesServices: Structural and dynamic motion analyses for new and existing finfish, shellfish and kelp aquaculture facilities.PDF Aquaculture Capabilities
Renewable EnergyServices: Analyze power output, maximum structural loads, mooring loads of wave, tidal and current energy systems.PDF Renewable Energy Capabilities
Floating Wind EnergyServices: Analyze complete floating offshore wind turbine systems including coupled motions and dynamic loads.PDF FOWT Capabilities
Oil & GasServices: Analyze motions of platforms in seaway, relative motions between boats and platforms, mooring loads, umbilical motions

Technical Notes:

Floating Offshore Wind TurbinesFloating Offshore Wind Turbines, Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement, Fatigue Design Methodologies Applicable to Complex Fixed and Floating Offshore Wind Turbines, Project Document No: E13PC00019PDF Final Report
By-Catch ReductionSimulated entanglement of leatherback turtle in mooring line using MSC AdamsVimeo PPT Presentation
Healy Wave Energy ConverterHealy Wave Energy, LLC is developing a wave energy converter designed for reliability, safety, and economical power production for island and coastal communities. MMC developed a custom model that coupled the two-body hydrodynamics of the device with the pneumatics of the novel PTO. MMC also incorporated nonlinear, large-displacement mooring dynamics to evaluate the system’s response to extreme storms.PDF The Healy Wave Energy Converter


Why Good Mooring Systems Go BadWebinar presentation to Maine Ocean & Wind Industry Initiative (MOWII), July 16, 2014PDF MOWII Presentation

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