Maine Marine Composites can perform seakeeping, mooring, and cable/hose analyses for your marine system. Our staff has analyzed complex hose assemblies for oil, seawater and LNG transfer systems.

Projects include:

  • Seakeeping and motion analysis for Arctic Challenger oil spill response vessel
  • Acceleration and deck wetting analyses for Power Barge designed by Waller Marine
  • Raw-water pickup and hose analysis for ReelPower
  • Fatigue analysis for deck cargo on trans-Atlantic and Pacific routes
  • Motion analysis for hotel/warehouse vessel in Brazilian oil patch

MTS Arctic Challenger

Motion and deck-wetting analysis on OSV

Motion analyses on barges and OSVs:

  • Cargo lashing projects
  • Crane motion-load analyses

Our staff can work with you to determine the extreme sea states and operating conditions for your vessel. We can perform motion and load analyses according to procedures recommended by classification societies.

Roll RAO for OSV

Using the latest potential flow software from ANSYS and multibody software from Orcina, MMC can analyze the affects of loading conditions on your vessel's motions, helping you to define boundaries of operation. Analyses include:

  • Maximum roll/pitch/yaw angles
  • Maximum accelerations
  • Likelihood of deck wetting
  • Relative motions between vessels and between vessels and platforms

Critical points for accelerations and deck wetting analyses