Mooring and motion analysis of floating offshore wind turbine

Renewable Energy: Wave, Tidal, and Current

Renewable Energy: Wind

MMC has been involved in research and industry-funded offshore wind projects including:

Our engineering staff has designed mooring systems, analyzed electrical cable laying and umbilical performance, and conducted fundamental research into long term reliability of floating wind turbines expected to survive for decades at sea in dangerous, corrosive, and hostile environments.

MMC has analyzed and participated in the design of energy converters for:

  • Wave Energy
  • Tidal and River Current Energy
  • Floating Offshore Wind

Our engineering staff has analyzed existing and new wave and tidal energy concepts for mechanical, hydrodynamic and economic feasibility, and we have authored or co-authored a number of papers on the technology.

Tuning PTO for wave energy converter

Power takeoff efficiency versus sea state

MMC worked with Rohrer Technologies Inc. to create an optimal design for a tethered wave energy converter. By controlling the dimensions using a genetic algorithm, MMC was able to calculate the best design with respect to power output according to the ACE metric.

Optimizing WEC design using Genetic Algorithm