Wave Scatter Table, Boston Harbor

Seakeeping and Motion

MMC can analyze wind and wave data, specifying maximum design and survival conditions for your vessel. MMC has:

  • Identified a number of government and private sources for meteorological and metocean data
  • Developed automated methodologies for processing this data to calculate the worst case conditions.
  • Developed scripts and control algorithms that combine simulation and calculation models based on selected conditions

These capabilities help to ensure that your system will meet the design/survival requirements and that it's within your budget.

MMC uses tools such as ANSYS Aqwa, SPH and CFD to calculate the motions and fluid flow around boats, ships and fixed platforms.

Frequently we combine ANSYS Aqwa and Orcina OrcaFlex to calculate the linearized vessel response and the non-linear moored system response of barges and fixed renewable energy vessels.

Barge RAOs calculated by ANSYS Aqwa

MMC has conducted motions analysis of vessels and offshore systems for a wide range of industries, including:

  • Offshore oil and gas
  • Offshore renewable energy
  • Cargo transportation
  • High speed planing craft
  • Government

MMC staff has assisted a number of naval architecture and engineering firms in ensuring that their vessels and cargo can survive in a dynamic ocean environment. Our motion analyses can predict hydrodynamic feasibility, loads and accelerations, slamming, seasickness, and spectral fatigue. Adding MMC to your project team will help to make sure that your vessel is developed and analyzed successfully and arrives safely at its destination.