Healy Wave Energy Converter

Healy Wave Energy, LLC is developing a wave energy conversion (WEC) device designed for reliability, safety, and economical power production for island and coastal communities. MMC developed a custom model that coupled the two-body hydrodynamics of the device with the pneumatics of the novel PTO. MMC also incorporated nonlinear, large-displacement mooring dynamics to evaluate the system’s response to extreme storms.


Aquaculture MMC has analyzed and participated in the design of systems for finfish and shellfish aquaculture. Our engineering staff has analyzed existing and new aquaculture concepts for mechanical, hydrodynamic and economic feasibility, and we have authored or co-authored a number of papers on the technology.MMC has worked with aquaculture developers across the country, helping to


Wave Scatter Table, Boston Harbor Seakeeping and Motion MMC can analyze wind and wave data, specifying maximum design and survival conditions for your vessel. MMC has: Identified a number of government and private sources for meteorological and metocean data Developed automated methodologies for processing this data to calculate the worst case conditions. Developed scripts and

Mooring Systems

Mooring SystemsDesign and Analysis of deep water ocean moorings, shallow water wave / wind energy moorings, and river moorings.MMC has analyzed many systems ranging from open-ocean deep water moorings for support barges in the Brazilian oil fields, to shallow water moorings in the extreme waters of the Arctic Ocean. Mooring projects include calculations of:Anchor uplift

Renewable Energy

Mooring and motion analysis of floating offshore wind turbine Renewable Energy: Wave, Tidal, and Current Renewable Energy: Wind MMC has been involved in research and industry-funded offshore wind projects including: Research for the U.S. Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement Ocean Renewable Power Company University of Maine’s VolturnUS floating offshore wind project Our engineering staff